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TEC Microsystems was founded in 2007 and is located at Berlin-Adlershof, Germany’s largest science and technology park. The company originally  specializes in thermoelectric solutions - miniature Peltier modules and related products. Having years of experience in laser and optoelectronics industries with active temperature stabilization TEC Microsystems provides more than 2000 types of thermoelectric coolers, quick analysis, developments and optimization for application. One of the key products, thermoelectric sub-assemblies,  requires a reliable source of various high-quality headers and packages for assembly. TEC Microsystems collaborate successfully in this field with  Advanced Technology Group - USA based manufacturer of high-quality glass-to-metal solutions - since the very beginning.

In 2015 TEC Microsystems became the official distributor of Advanced Technology Group (ATG) company in Europe. Now TEC Microsystems provides full range of ATG glass-to-metal package solutions with superior Customer support and full-featured flexibility in headers developments and customization for application.

Advanced Technology Group was founded in 1989 with the goal of providing state-of-the-art glass to metal seal components. ATG is grounded in developing cutting-edge products with a focus on innovation, on-time delivery, and customer care that empowers customers to reach their targets.

The center of ATG’s operations is its 2000m2 facility in Rockaway, New Jersey. From this modern location, ATG operates its research, administrative and manufacturing operations. ATG’s products are central for use in the communications, defense, aerospace, and consumer electronics industry.





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